Lunar eclipse tonight what’s the Sunnah?


Starts approximately in Trinidad and Tobago 9:07pm and fully at 11:47pm, ends 12:27am in Trinidad and Tobago)

The sun and the moon are two of the greatest signs that we can use to recognise the greatness and might of our creator; Allah Ta’ala, he has placed them in a perfect synchronization for the existence of the earth and entire universe.

“Among His signs are the night and the day, and the sun and the moon. Do not prostrate yourselves to the sun, or to the moon. And prostrate yourselves to Allah who has created them, if it is Him whom you worship.” [41:37] Read more

The Miswak: More Than a Convenient Twig

Bad breath continues to be a problem for many. Not only can it bother people around them, it can also bother those who have it. It is never easy to admit exactly how much it can trouble those who possess poor odour in this regard. And in this very regard, denial seldom helps.

You may think that there is no solution for this, or that there is no road toward impeccability in this area. You rarely have to think twice about covering your mouth during your spontaneous yawns, and occasionally may feel embarrassed to converse with others at small distances.

There is nothing to be embarrassed about, you say, in attempts to reassure yourself that not everybody is fussy when it comes to bad breath. That is until of course, you consciously realize individuals moving away from you an inch or two whilst you speak. Read more