Our humble start

We launched our Primary School on September 7th, 2015 having started with Infants level 1. Thereafter, in September 2016 we would progress each level up staring with Infants level 2 and have continuous classes every year till Standard Five.

Our Aim and Vision

At A.I.P.S. we are committed to providing an exceptional secular education with sound Islamic ethos. To present every opportunity, for every child, every day, is the challenge we cherish. In achieving this, we explore and implement innovative ideas whilst maintaining healthy Islamic traditional principles. Our objective is to provide an environment where our children’s personalities can be built on Islam, whereby Islam is the criteria of judgement by the teachers and children themselves.

Beyond that, we strive to impart valuable social skills, whilst working in partnership with parents by creating an enhanced environment both at home and at the school so that our students are equipped with knowledge, skills and confidence to face the challenges of life in the contemporary world.

A.I.P.S. offers a wide range of benefit to its students such as:images

  • To receive a prestige education that is coupled with rich Islamic values
  • To allow access to the national curriculum in a positive supporting environment.
  • To offer qualified, experienced, academic teachers.
  • Structured Islamic and Arabic syllabus taught by qualified personnel.
  • To memorise surah’s and understand from the Quran
  • To study age appropriate seerah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)
  • To memorise and practise duas and ahadith at a young age
  • To maintain relatively balanced classes to ensure individual attention is achieved.
  • To provide newly renovated, air-conditioned classrooms
  • Workshops and presentations for parents and care takers


The Curriculum seeks to integrate the Islamic teachings with the standard academic subjects, with the academic core being in the subject areas of: Agricultural Science; English Language Arts; Mathematics; Physical Education; Science; Social Studies;  Values, Character and Citizenship Education and Spanish.

The Islamic curriculum focuses on three main areas initially: Arabic conversation, Arabic reading and Surah memorisation.

The above three areas will be incorporated around an environment of rich Islamic ethos and etiquettes in the initial years coupled with Islamic manners, duas, aqeeda, history, etc.


The Principal of the School oversees the daily operations and administration thereby addressing concerns and meeting objectives in an effective and timely manner.

The Board of Directors sits on a monthly basis to discuss policies and administer support in order to facilitate proper operation and continuous improvement of the Institute and its students.

We also have an administrative committee that oversees the day to day records and forecast of the school and its general daily upkeep.