Tajweed Class

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Teens Summer language Camp

Ramadhan Workshop 2016

Ramadhan Workshop 2016

 Course Description:

Fasting in the month of Ramadhan is one of the five pillars of Islam and is fardh (compulsory) upon every muslim who is sane and mature. As commanded in the noble Quran in Surah Baqarah verse 183, Allah SWT has ordered ”O you who believe, fasting has been prescribed for you, as it was prescribed for those before you, so that you may attain righteousness.”

This course focuses on the main aspects of fasting Read more

Hifdh Program

Hifdh and Arabic Language Department

Hifz class

Within the Muslim community the Hifdh and Quran is an essential tool for our leaders since it equips them with the necessary knowledge required for leading the daily prayers and guiding others in a holistic way. Started in December 2014. this department strives to produce Hafiz of the Quran or graduates with a considerable memorized knowledge of the Quran. To achieve this we offer the service for both males and females by two qualified male and female hafidh. Additionally, the Arabic Language is taught and it is our intent that students write GSE Arabic.

In keeping with providing a holistic educational experience, we have coupled these areas with Tajweed lessons along with basic Islamic etiquette, fostering a future leader with a sound ethical upbringing.


Qur’an reading practice

Quran reading practise.jpg

Description: In this course we will have a teacher individually listening and guiding learners to improvements in their reading capabilities.

Sessions: Excluding holidays there are 18 sessions before Ramadhaan..

Teachers: Will be Qualified teachers with Ijazah in Qiraat

Location: Room 9 NureIslam Masjid (air-condition private classrooms)

Usul Hadith

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Arabic Language course

Arabic Language

Q2Q for this Ramadhaan !!


Read Quran for this Ramadhaan !!

Qaaida to Quran…Q2Q

Introduction: This course is designed for those who do not know how to read the Holy Quran with their phonetics (vowels) and accent. The course is designed to take learners from no knowledge of the Arabic language to a being able to read the Quran. During the course, all necessary material will be provided.

Curriculum topics: Read more

Usul al-Hadith and Hadith Studies


Usul al-Hadith and Hadith Studies Course!!!

(A 10 session course starts now..) 

Introduction: Usul al-Hadith and Hadith Studies explores one of the most advanced
sciences in the history of mankind in any branch of knowledge. The precision and the sophistication in which the hadith sciences operate is truly mind blowing.

However many scholars and academics including Muslims themselves are unaware of this highly developed science. Read more

Special Short Courses Level One

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