With hard effort comes the great success.


“To be the leading Islamic Institute of choice, attaining academic excellence with the highest morals and ethics to assist each learner in becoming an asset to society”.


“We are committed to collaborating with all stakeholders in helping our children to acquire self-confidence, respect, profound moral values, and a sound education through a unique balanced curriculum”


Education and training plays a very significant role in the development of communities in all aspects of life.  We at the institute believe that people are like gold and silver mines.  Each person has enormous capabilities; however, those capabilities can only be discovered with great efforts. We yearn to ‘mine for gold’ in each child, youngster and adult, through a supportive and enriching environment that encourages them to adopt the pathway of eternal success.


The Al-Ihasaan Institute was developed out of the need to foster an environment dedicated to providing a variety of training and education centred projects to benefit all walks of society. To achieve this we partnered with the Nur-e-Islam Jamaat, one of the largest Masjid of the Caribbean. This partnership has allowed us to provide holistic services to the community at large, while maintaining its independence as a self-funding non-profit organization.


The Al-Ihsaan Institute was founded in October 2014, and is registered with the Ministry of Legal Affairs as non-profit organization. At present we are working on having the institute registered as an approved private school in accordance with the Ministry of Education.